MOSSAD katsa special agent David Abramov, rushes to New
York to take over a team tracking Jihadis planning a major
attack on America. His orders are to monitor and report, but
curiously, to take no action. His nemesis is Mustafa, a veteran
of Afghanistan and Bosnia, for whom death is a friendly
Worried about the order not to act, even in self-defense,
David’s instincts really kick in when the Israeli Prime Minister
overrules fundamental MOSSAD policy, disarming his whole
When his agents are hit in a lightning raid, David makes a
fateful dash for survival – his own… and the world’s. Convinced
that those behind the attack on the Twin Towers must also
have killed his team, David’s priority becomes a quest to find
the killers. A master spy in a life-and-death game, David knows
that nothing is as it appears, and that his enemies could be al
Qaeda, U.S. intelligence forces, his own Israeli MOSSAD or even
a combination of any of them. Can this modern-day David
defeat the Goliath of globalist conspiracy? Can one man still
change history?


An extremely intelligent and highly trained MOSSAD katsa
(special agent) whose defining quality is his loyalty, both to his
fellow agents and to his nation, Israel. He has no fear of the
ultimate sacrifice, if necessary, in the tradition of the Jewish
Zealots of Masada. David is excited about this new assignment
in America, as it brings him nearer to the top of the MOSSAD
hierarchy. But his upward career move also exposes David to
deadly threat from the Jihadis and from within the intelligence
community itself, where the line between friend and foe is more
blurred than ever.

A case study in the making of a “terrorist”… Mustafa is an Arab
boy born in Ghardaia, a tiny village at the edge of the Sahara
Desert. He wins a life-changing chance to escape oblivion on
the fringes of civilization when he is invited to Sarajevo,
Yugoslavia, to study engineering. Falling in love with a local
student, Fathima, opens new horizons for him, but his return
home to Africa with his fiancée sees his hopes destroyed when
corrupt government officials execute his fundamentalist brother
and also needlessly beat his father to death. A predatory local
Mullah plays on Mustafa’s vulnerability to recruit him as a
Mujahedeen for a Holy Jihad that takes him to Afghanistan,
then Bosnia and finally New York City for his date with destiny.

A beautiful, intelligent, liberated urbanite whose life’s mistake is
to fall in love with Mustafa. She follows him to the edge of
civilization to see their dreams crushed by the desolation of
living in Ghardaia and the inevitable cultural divide that results.
Unable to cope, she flees back to Sarajevo to try to start a
new life. But Mustafa never forgets her, despite getting word
that she has died. Mustafa’s encounter with her living ghost
ends in a ghastly slaughter that haunts him till his final


911 The Towers of Janus is a collection of independent life
stories interwoven among characters whose paths cross in
incidents of mixed loyalties, fears, ambitions, betrayals, lost
loves and lost profits, all set amid a desperate struggle for
survival. The author, Stan Gasparovski, succeeds in drawing a
believable scenario of events leading into what has become
known as 911. The deeper, underlying issues about what makes
a terrorist, what motivates any man to risk his life, and who it
is that makes the decisions that put such questions in front of
any of us are precisely the themes that the author develops
and then dissects in minute detail, amidst a frantically paced
tale of intrigue, murder and conspiracy.


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